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Dehydrated water in a can!
     Authentic & Genuine Hamster Brain Studio Merchandise

We are proud to premiere another ground-breaking, fantastic product from the undocumented engineers at Hamster Brain Studio.

Are you prepping for the end and wondering how to pack enough drinking water? Just add a few cans of Hamster Brain Dehydrated Water and you are set. Our Dehydrated Water contains only pure filtered water and is supplemented by all of life's essential minerals.

Just pop the top, add water, shake it up and a can of fresh water is ready!

Proudly designed and produced in New Hamsterdam, Republic of Furlandia.

Top quality, incorrect and misleading news - at your fingertips!

Have a great day my Hamsters!
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PS: Our water recipes have been leaked and no longer available.


Dehydrated water in a can (right click or Tab to download)



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