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My task; spread happiness around the world!
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Our world is experiencing an explosion of dumb people. Maybe it's viral, maybe it's the environment, maybe aliens have already landed - we're not sure but something is changing! To help these folks, Hamster Brain Studio is proud to provide educational and entertainment for these individuals.

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Hamster Brain is run by a single
person hamster with help from some family members and friends. Hamster Brain is a part-time hobby with no intentions to charge money to view our content! Yup, it is free for everyone!

We publish only a very limited number of Hamster Brain Studio collections through social media but you can see all our lame and boring images right here on our free slideshows and videos on this website.

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We hate working, so we don't regularly update the Hamster Brain website (sporadic at best)! Follow our blog page to view our occasional & sporadic updates!

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The Hamster Brain Studio web & social media pages are family safe No hate No foul language No discrimination No data collecting No bullying No advertising Free Hamster Brain Studio albums!

Like quotes? Like free fish? Wәll we don't but maybe you do! Visit our own MyLife.Media page!

Note: We are now Red Neck compliant!

Have a great day, my fellow Hamsters ;)

Our mediocre products are carelessly assembled in New Hamsterdam, Republic of Furlandia!

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